The city of Valencia, Spain is known as one of Spain’s best musical centers. Not an easy reputation to make and maintain, but something that Valencia has proudly established and kept all these years.

It won’t take tourists a few hours to realize that Valencianos, the people, are avid music lover and makers. They are the reason why Valencia is a musical standout from the other Spanish cities, and why the Spanish folk music in Valencia is considered to be one of the best and the richest in the world.

There are mainly two broad categories of Music in Valencia: Traditional and Contemporary.

Traditional Music In Valencia

As mentioned earlier, Valencia has kept its rich heritage of folk music intact. The traditional Valencian folk music is full of religious and work songs cultivated over the years, inspired by a variety of influences. There are traces of several civilizations strewn in the city’s colorful history that has woven themselves into the tapestry of their music. Influences of Iberian, Moorish, and Roman have all made their way into the rich folk music of Valencia today. Add that up with the Valenciano’s own unique touches, plus the musical elements from the city’s neighboring communities, Cataluña and Aragón, and you now have the vibrant traditional music in Valencia as it is known today.

Valencian dances include in the following:

Fandango de Albaida
El Ball del Danzants
El Ball dels Oficis
Los Alcides
Els Bastonets
Los Porrots
Paloteo de Requena
Valencian Jota

Contemporary Music in Valencia

During the 80’s, the Valencian music dance scene got heavily dominated by Bakalao, a dance music that appeared in the clubs and bars of the city and its surrounding communities. Of course, the ever popular genres of pop and rock are also famous within the city’s local music scene. However, the city’s local musicians tend to gear towards electronica. A decade later, techno music entered the scene in the 90’s, while in early 2000, heavy influence from schrantz of Europe dominated the music scene. Today minimal techno is popular and more recently the Trip-Tek style as attributed to outfits such as Electrika-MixTek.

With influence form traditional music that goes back to several hundreds of years, plus the new genre of music that has entered the city, it’s not a wonder that the music scene today is an interesting, yet harmonious jumble of different genres.

Among Valencia’s top music venues are:

El Asesino (Address: Pl. del Cedro,1. (End of Blasco Ibanez on S. side)) – normally plays rock ‘n’ roll music and occasionally Caribbean, blues, and soul.

Lococlub (Address: Erudito Orellena, 12 (zona Juan LLorens / Phone: 96 3260526) – great venue for listening flamenco, blues, and jazz.

Juanita Club (Address: c/Lepanto, 8 todos los miércoles) – plays live reggae starting 11:30PM.

Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar (Address: Baja,28. Carmen) – ideal for jazz music lovers.