Short Stay

Whether you only have the weekend or the whole month to be in Valencia, it would be great to savor each day and make the most out of your vacation in this splendid city. And what better way to get this than making sure that your itineraries is filled with fun and memorable activities.

Short Vacations

Only have a weekend? Then all the more reason to see to it that you enjoy every minute of your stay in Valencia. Start by carefully planning the places you will visit and the accommodation you will get. The latter should ideally be closer to the former to save you with transportation time.
Go for a sightseeing trip during the daytime. The plaza is the best place to explore for weekend vacations as it will not take too much of your time exploring some of the city’s top attractions because of its relatively compact streets. There are also cafeterias and restaurants around the plaza for a quick but savory food.

At night, you can enjoy a musical or opera on the city’s cultural centers or go for an all-out party on its famous disco-pubs and bars.

Long Vacations

If you are one of the lucky few to have  a long weekend in Valencia (or longer) , then rejoice! You have all the time to enjoy the beauty of Valencia; a reason to take things nice and slow.

On your first week, you can start by taking your time exploring the city’s sights and views; no need to hurry with your trip so embrace all the magnificent sceneries. Following this, you can go head off the beautiful beaches and take a splurge on the clear blue waters or go sunbathing lying in the white sands.  Again, all time is yours, so go have a laid back day. And when you are done, you can go mingle with the locals and spend time meeting new friends. You can do this by taking part in the city’s festivities and celebrations. It would be helpful though if you learn a little Spanish to get along well with the people in Valencia.

With all the things that Valencia has to offer to its visitors, it actually does not matter whether you have a short or long time to be in the city. With some know-how, you sure would have the best time of your life in Valencia.