Crowned Miss Universe 2013, a beauty from Valencia

While Venezuelan people are extremely pleased with the 2013 Miss Universe results, so much more is felt by the people from Valencia. Accompanied with the fact that the 25-year-old Maria Gabriela Isler, the crowned Miss Universe of this year, is born in Valencia, Venezuela, it is a no wonder then that the proud faces of her countrymen are inerasable.

Just this November 9, 2013, Gabriela stood out from 85 gorgeous and stunning women who competed in the 62nd Miss Universe that was held at Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia. For the third time in six years, the title of the said prestigious pageant is achieved by the Venezuelans. This is a good hint that she has never broken the expectations of the people from her country knowing that Venezuela leads in the number of winning major international beauty competitions compared to the other nations.

During the pageant, Gabriela was asked by Steven Tyler (one of the judges) if what is her biggest fear and how does she plan to overcome it. In response, the Valencia beauty said, “We should overcome all our fears and this in turn would make us stronger. As soon as we overcome our fears, we can face any challenge.”

As she was being crowned as the new Miss Universe, the tiara even fell off Gabriela’s head out of excitement and caught the crown laughing. Grace under pressure, yes. No matter what happens she always the beautiful Gabriela Isler.

Aside from being a trained flamenco dancer, a TV personality on the Venevision TV Network and a proud second mother to her niece, Gabriela has just started her official duty as the Miss Universe on November 10. She has also modeled a one piece swimsuit worth a million dollar and wowed everybody during the Yamay press conference.

In the meanwhile, Brazil became the fourth runner-up followed by the Philippines as the third runner-up, Ecuador then placed second runner-up and the Spain as the first runner-up.

A crown taken, a proud nation — Gabriela surely just exemplified that the true beauty of Valencia, Venezuela is simply world class.