The Most Attractive Events In Valencia

Valencia is truly a city that has it all for the tourist. It is famous for the numerous attractions and a bustling nightlife. You can also cool off in one of the beaches found in the outskirts of the city. As Spain’s third largest city, it houses a lot of attractions that will surely suit all age groups and the most discriminating taste. If you want to be strolling along the museum district or doing some sporting activity; Valencia can offer a lot to make your holiday a memorable one.

Many of the visitors to the city are attracted to the shopping culture. The city center has a lot boutiques and department stores that will cure the shopping itch. If you want to shop for clothes, shoes and what not; Valencia’s numerous shopping nooks will have something for you. The shopaholic will find great buys and bargains in the many shops in Valencia.

Valencia is also known for its active night life. Several areas in the city specialize in providing nightly entertainment. It is common for Spaniards to have an active nightlife even during work days. If you want to have a good time, most clubs in Spain start during the time most tourists would call it a night. Most of the clubs are found in Canovas, Marina Real Juan, Carlos I, Malvarrosa Beach, Barrio del Carmen, the Avenida de Aragon, Honduras and Xuquer squares.

Barrio del Carmen offers a unique experience because it has become a melting pot of different cultures situated in the heart of the city. You can find fine nightclubs in the Juan Llorens, Aragon, Canovas and Blasco Ibanez as these districts have been the focal point of Valencian night life. If you want to feel a cosmopolitan ambience where you can find luxurious discos and nightclub; it is recommended to check out Marina Real Juan Carlos and La Malvarrosa Beach.

The entire Valencian region has a lot of beaches. You can find beaches at the outskirts of the city. If you don’t want to go far, there are a lot of beach activities offered near the city’s center. The beaches are perfect for relaxation or for anyone who wants to have a break. There are at least eight beach locations in Valencia and the main beach is touted to be the most visited by tourists. The El Cabanyal or Las Arenas is located near the city center. It has a wide beach front of white sand with parasols dotting the long sandy stretch. You can also find an excellent variety of restaurants and snack bars that will satisfy your hunger.

If you want to sample Valencia’s culture come to the city in March to catch the Fallas. The Fallas is a festival that features paper maché that depict almost everything in the culture and daily life in Valencia. The main attraction of the Fallas is the fireworks display. You will surely witness one of the displays because there would be exhibits throughout the week. There are three fireworks displays in a day during the festivities. It is best to sample the culture of the Fallas by roaming around the city during the festival.

There are a lot of things you can do at Valencia. Why not take the city’s offer of a good time and see for yourself what the city can offer to the tourist in you.