Things to do

Holidays in Valencia or a long weekend  would not be complete without immersing yourself with the city’s culture and entertainment. Thus, whether you only have a weekend or a long stay in Valencia, it’s always great to try everything that the city has to offer.

On Daytime…

Savor every moment of your stay in Valencia by starting your activity early. Explore Valencia and discover the city’s various architecture and work of arts that manifest its rich heritage and culture.  And when you’re done, splurge on souvenir items such as books and clothes that you will find in its huge malls and shopping centers. You can even catch a movie after you shop to experience a cinema.

If shopping isn’t your cup of tea – or if you’re on a tight budget – your alternative is to join the Valencianos celebrate their various festivals. This of course, depends on the month and day you are in the city. Aside from being economical, this will also give you a bigger view of the vibrant and colorful life in Valencia.

The bullfights are something you should not miss when in the city, too. Happening during celebration of festivals, this sport has already been cemented into the lives and culture of the Valencianos.

On Nighttime…

And if you think the adventure stops with your daytime activities, wait ‘til you hear the different nighttime activities you can enjoy in Valencia.

Up for some party? Nightlife has a wide range of disco pubs and bars that would allow you to pour your heart out dancing while enjoying its various wines and beer. This is a great time to meet new friends and mingle with the lively and vigorous Valencianos as well.

If dancing and partying isn’t your idea of nightlife however, you can head off to some of the cultural centers for recitals, classical music concert, and operas among others or go to music bars to enjoy a night of pure entertainment.  You can even catch a concert of world-class artists in town with your family and friends.

There are indeed a lot of things to enjoy and experience in Valencia. Whether you come alone or with a group, there is always something to do and learn in the city, from sun up to sun down. With a little know-how on where to get a glimpse of the Valencia’s culture and entertainment, your stay would be all worth it.