Movie-lovers will definitely adore Valencia, Spain and its line of cinemas. Cinema theatres are all over the place, and offer you a variety of shows from local and Indie films to big Hollywood productions.

The movie houses exude an air of classical ambiance from whence they where established works of traditional theatre architecture and were remodeled to become movie houses. Since modernization came, majority of the movie theaters now display large projection screens and with digital surround sound to give movie buffs the thrill of watching the big screen.

Among the cinemas in Valencia, Spain are:

(Address: Avinguda del Professor López Piñero, 3 / Phone: +34 902 10 00 31)

ABC Park
(Address: Calle Roger de Lauria, 21 / Phone: +34 963 53 1)

(Address: Calle de Vicente Sancho Tello, 10 / Phone: +34 963 62 67 95)

Movie Listings

If you want to be updated on the latest movie listings, you can keep yourself informed by looking over the local newspaper to see the schedules or any special screenings. You can also check online or in the movie houses themselves to see if there are any changes or updates in their schedules.

When you want to be the first in line for the new movie releases, you should go to the theaters on Fridays. You have to bear in mind too that their screenings usually last for only a week.

Valencia Cinema Schedules

Movie houses in Valencia usually start rolling their films at 4-5 pm. If you want to avail of the last full show then be there at 10-11pm. There’s an exception on Fridays and Saturdays, for the Valencia nightlife is at its peak, time is extended for the movie houses and the last screening usually starts at 12 midnight to 1am.

There are 4 movie screenings daily but on Saturdays and Sundays, the time extends till the first hour of the next day. You can still watch in the early hours of the morning and continue your Valencia experience after the show. However, whenever there are special events, festivals or any other occasion, the movie houses open and start early.

Ticket Prices

With a reasonable price of 6€, you can enter the movie house and enjoy watching the movies. Tickets can also nosedive during viewer’s day and holidays. For example, the Festival of Films, it’s when ticket prices are slashed to almost 50% and so you can truly enjoy your viewing pleasure.

Where to Get Your Tickets

The simplest and probably most familiar way to take a hold of your ticket is to buy it automated ticket machines at the movie houses. If you want a more convenient way, and if you don’t fancy waiting in line, you might as well obtain a virtual ticket, online or over the phone. Most of the movie houses are well into technology, they have a site on which you can buy your ticket, but it’s a bit more expensive compared to the usual.

To travel to Valencia, you need to get yourself ahead of the various activities there is in the city. Although there are several top Valencia attractions to enjoy, the city’s cinemas offer another interesting option.