Valencia, Spain does not just boast of its picturesque beaches and rich history; it also is home to great and sumptuous delicacies you can get a taste of in many of its restaurants. For an unforgettable dining experience, here’s a list of some of the famous restaurants in the city:

El Gourmet (Address: Calle Taquígrafo Martí 3 / Phone: 96-395-25-09)
Specialing in Spanish and International cuisines, this restaurant is known for its reasonably-priced dishes served by well-trained waiters. Scrambled eggs with eggplant and shrimp, fried filets of veal or pork, and oxtail stew are just three of the famous dishes served here.

Ca’n Bermell (Address: Calle Santo Tomás 18 / Phone: 96-391-02-88)
Set in a lovely 1600 building, this restaurant is where one of the city’s best chefs, Emilio Bermell, work for. With dishes the chef carefully crafted, it is no wonder why this restaurant is a favorite among tourists. As such, you may need to book in advance to secure a table.

Eladio (Address: Calle Chiva 40 / Phone: 96-384-22-44)
Switzerland-educated Eladio Rodríguez is the chef of this restaurant; the secret of the establishment’s flavourful cuisines. Everyday, the menu changes depending on the freshness and availability of the ingredients. Among the famous dishes here are octopus and ragout of shellfish and prawn tails with raspberry vinegar.

La Riuà (Address: Calle del Mar 27 / Phone: 96-391-45-71)
Located at the historic core in the city, this restaurant is just a short walk from Plaza de la Reina. It has since then become a favorite among locals and tourists alike after it opened in 1982. The menu of the restaurant include traditional Valenciano dishes, which makes it ideal if you want to get a taste of the local delicacies.

LaLola (Address: Subida del Toledano 8 / Phone: 96-391-80-45)
LaLola is famous for its Mediterranean and International dishes. It is one of the most imaginative restaurants in Valencia with its fusion of minimalist and modern interiors. Serving dishes with sunny flavors, your palates are in for an experience.