If you are done traveling to Valencia – enjoyed its fantastic sights already and savored its great food through dining restaurants and bars – and is now thinking about what more there is to do in this magnificent city, then why not consider a night of concert from top performers and renowned artists?

Concerts in Valencia are great for a night getaway with friends and family. Thus, knowing where to get your tickets and learning about some of the city’s top concert venues would help you make the most of your stay in Valencia.

Concert Venues

The Valencia Concert Hall also known as the Palau de la Musica, is one of the city’s top concert venues. The multi-purpose auditorium has 5 halls and 1000 square meter foyer dedicated to large concerts and events. Opened in 1997, Valencia Concert Hall has become Valencia’s cultural center. Classical music and operas are among the top events held here.

Another place to go for concerts in Valencia is the Plaza de Toros. Translated as “bullring”, the place is also used to hold bull fights. With a capacity to accommodate 12,884 people, Plaza de Toros has been a venue for huge concerts.

Located in the City of Arts and Sciences, the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía (Queen Sofia Palace of the Arts) is both a cultural hub and opera house. Since its opening in October 2005, the building has then become a place to go for classical music, Valencian orchestra, opera, and ballet among others.

Other famous concert venues in the city are the IVAM (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno) also known translated as Valencian Institute of Modern Art and the Antigua Universidad which are good stops for contemporary music concerts and classical music concerts, respectively.

Concert Tickets

Of course knowing where to go for a Valencian concert experience would be useless without knowing where to get concert tickets. – These two are just must-know things in this context.

There are two ways to acquire various concert tickets in Valencia; one that is traditional, the other which is quite “modern”. The traditional way is of course by going straight to any ticket outlets or ticket distributors. The “modern” way is by purchasing the tickets online. The traditional way is good to really make sure you get hold of the tickets (you can even use it as souvenir to remind you of your stay in Valencia); however, online means offer you the convenience and ease of getting your tickets.

Valencia is not just about sights, attractions, and food. The city is also a great place to find perfect entertainment.