Going out on a Valencia nightlife will always be an exhilarating experience. As the people are always so pumped up with energy during the day, and even so it still lasts throughout the night. In Valencia, having a good time is just like an everyday event.


You have to fill your stomach and renew your self first before prancing out on the bars. The cafeterias are more or less like small bars that cater every customer’s famished appetites. They are less sophisticated than restaurants, but serve appetizing mid-evening to late dinner meals. 10 p.m. is the usual time a Valenciano takes his dinner. Depending on the menu, you can order light meals to local delicacies. Better ask for carajillos, that’s coffee with a dash of brandy the perfect tonic to prep you up for your nightlife.


The bars are somewhat a café and snack bar at the same time. Most bars have a hot food counter filled with both Spanish and Valencian snacks and a beer tap, if any.


Valencianos are known to be the Belgians of Spain; they are the connoisseurs when it comes to beer and drinks. Along with their wide-ranging beer menu, they also have imported beers and mixed brews that will surely perk you up. The Agua de Valencia is a mix of Spanish champagne with fresh orange juice; it is the local Valencian wine. Most of these pubs are open until 3am in the morning, especially on the weekends.


Terrazas are chill out lounge, a lot more open air when you want to enjoy drinking your drinks with your friends. You also get to be entertained with the music and have fun till dawn.


If you’re hyped up for dancing while enjoying some drinks then you should visit some of the disco-pubs of Valencia. As with other bars and pubs, these establishments are open till late in the morning.


Discotecas are big clubs where you can party all out till the next day. However, discotecas charge an entrance fee and are very particular when it comes to the dress codes, but when you say fun- it’s unlimited. Some of the most famous are Cafe Carioca, El Loco,Havana Valencia  and Maruja Limon, most are open till the next morn and these clubs are always almost packed with partygoers and the cosmopolitan crowd.

Other Valencia Nightlife Hangouts

Your Valencia night life would be incomplete without going out on cultural centers  or on concerts, theaters and shows. Be ahead and check out the schedules ahead of time so you can fill in the good seats.

For the teenagers and minors who are with you, they can also have their share of the Valencian nightlife, there’s no need to leave them out of all the fun. It would amaze you even more that some pubs, bars, restaurant and cafeteria also permit children. It’s a win-win escapade for all ages.