Nightlife in Valencia is not without options. If you are someone who prefer a sip of good drink over a nice chat with friends, you have plenty of bars to choose from; however, if you are someone looking for some party, the clubs in Valencia will not disappoint. The most popular party area in the city is the neighbourhood of Barrio del Carmen; located right at the oldest part of the town. Some of the famous clubs in Valencia are:

(Address: Avda del Profesor Dr. Lopez Piñero, 7 / Phone: +34 671 66 80 00 / Web:
This cool and funky bar is great for young people looking for hot and wild parties. Treat yourself with great drinks and the view of good-looking Valencianos.

Sala Wah-wah
(Address: Calle de Ramón Campoamor, 52 / Web:
This live club is known for playing indie music. It is an ideal place for those who simply want to chill and listen to good music or watch performances from indie artists in the city. Performances are slated every week so everyone can expect varied performances every night.

Loco Club
(Address: Calle Erudito Orellana, 12 / Phone: +34 963 51 85 21 / Web:
Love music? This club should be a good stop. Listen to rock’n’roll, soul, alternative country, power pop, punk, punk, garage, and indie music all in one place!

Black Note Club
(Address: Calle Polo y Peyrolón, 15 / Web: )
Black Note Club is another place for live music and performances. This two-decade old club has a concert hall dedicated for rock’n’roll, R&B, soul, funk, groove, free style, and world music performances.

Las Ánimas
(Address: Carrer de Pizarro, 31 / Phone: +34 963 94 29 48 / Web:
This dance club is perfect for group nightouts. It comes with a calendar of events for everyone to enjoy and party in.

Deseo 54
(Address: Calle de la Pepita, 13-15 / Phone: +34 963 27 54 45 / Web:
Proving that Spain is a gay-friendly country, this disco club is dedicated for gays. Enjoy the wild parties with the sight of good-looking, hot men.