Of course, Valencia also has its share of sports. And if you haven’t heard about the Spanish leagues and traditional bullfights, then it’s either you have lived under a rock or are don’t watch any television. The city can be considered a great haven for sports fans. Four of its most famous sports are bullfighting, football, basketball, and golf. Valencia’s long history of sports excellence is one of the city’s sources of pride, and if you go there, you can experience why firsthand.


Valencia’s neoclassical style bullring is an impressive structure based on the ancient theater of Rome, the Coliseum. Actually, bullfighting isn’t as cemented into the people’s lives, as it is in other parts of the country of Spain. However, it still has a high degree of importance in the city. Most of the bullfights in Valencia happen between March and October. Bullfights in the city usually happen during festivals celebrations. However, as mentioned earlier, because this sport isn’t as emphasized in Valencia as it is in other parts of Spain, the bullring in the city is usually more used as concert venues and circuses.


If you call football or soccer “merely a game” within earshot of a Valenciono, you would most likely be met with an incredulous look of shock and incredulity. For the people of Spain, including Valencia, football is more than a sport. Look at any plaza, or in any space large enough to kick a ball at, and you would see children and teens of various shapes, sizes, and ages practicing their football skills.


Basketball comes in as a close second to the slightly more popular football. In fact, the Liga ACB or Asociación de Clubs Baloncesto is the second most competitive leagues in the world, after the United States’ very own National Basketball Association or NBA. This sport is taken so seriously that the Spanish National Team brought back the gold in the 2006 FIBA Basketball World Championships in Japan, not very surprising since the players undergo intensive training before they are allowed to play. This sport is only a few more watches away to being equally favored as football.


If you know anyone besides Tiger Woods, then most likely, you must have also heard about José María Olazábal, Severiano Ballesteros and Sergio García. These Spanish players are now gaining fame in the PGA Tour, which give ample evidence that Valencia, and Spain as a whole also are enthusiasts in this sport. In fact, if a tourist gets too tired of strolling through museums, galleries, and other places, then the vast golf courses of the city could be your sanctuary.