Valencia’s theaters are always abuzz with lively performances. Always filled with energetic actors and avid viewers, awaiting each performance after the other. The Valencia performing arts will never cease to entertain you.

Insider Tips to Valencia Theater

You can view the schedules for the different shows and events that you want to attend to. You can check it out for yourself, online or in the local publications and advertisements to look at show descriptions and the showing times.

Ticket prices vary on theaters, depending on your seat, the set and the show; prices average from 8 € to 50 €. For instance, the independent Teatro Olympia, being the most posh and visited theatre in Valencia, it is also the most costly. On the other hand, government theaters usually charge 16€ for prime seats and 8€ for second rate, except for the big and luxurious ones.

If you can’t find time to get your tickets from the ticket box with so many things on your to do list with your visit to Valencia, you can let the concierge of the hotel do it for you. They offer you the service of booking and getting your ticket but it comes with a mark up charge.

Mainstream and Alternative Theaters

Aside from the traditional or the mainstream plays which present classical and contemporary styles, there are also theaters which showcase traditional and experimental genre. Compared to the mainstream, the alternative theaters focus on productions which are avant-garde and cryptic, they are perfect for the younger generations who have a more modern taste.

For the little ones, you may head to Teatro de Marionetas La Estrella which features marionette or puppet shows for children.

English Language Theaters

You may have to polish up your Spanish, for almost all theater shows in the Valencia theaters are performed in Spanish or in the local Valenciano language, so you might want to learn Spanish in Valencia first.

However, there are theaters which both present English and Spanish dialogues. You can check the listings for any English-language plays that will be portrayed.

If you want to witness a first-class performance, then you would have to follow the “La Fura dels Baus”, they are one of Valencia’s ultramodern theatre groups that frequently proffer provoking, captivating, and entirely unique interpretation on the opera and theatre stage. You can browse through the theater catalogs or listings for any of their performances.

Here’s a list of other theaters in Valencia:

Teatro de Marionetas La Estrella (Address: Calle de los Ángeles, 33, 46011 Valencia / Phone: +34 963 56 22 92)

Teatro Principal (Address: Carrer de les Barques, 15 / Phone: +34 963 53 92 00)
This is Valencia’s main theater. It is known for its plush ambience, thus is also known for being a bit pricier than other theaters in the city.

Teatro Rialto (Address: Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 17 / Phone: +34 963 53 93 00)
Joined with the Sala Moratin auditorium and IVAC, Teatro Rialto is another government theater.

Teatro L’Altre Espai (Address: Carrer de Platero Suárez, 11, 46009 / Phone: +34 963 65 17 50)
If you want a smaller theater, this could be a good option.

Teatro Olympia (Address: Calle de San Vicente Mártir, 44, 46002 / Phone: +34 963 51 73 15)
One of the most visited theaters in Spain, Teatro Olympia is the biggest independent theatre, not just in Valencia City, but all throughout the Valencias Community.

Teatro Micalet (Address: Calle Maestro Palau, 3, 46008 / Phone: +34 963 92 14 82)
Most presentations in this theater have social themes. It could be very patriotic at times that some of its presentations are in Valenciano only.