Long Weekend in Valencia

Have a long weekend up ahead? Want to go travel somewhere fun and relaxing? Then why not head on over to Valencia, Spain? Your long weekend is sure to be worth the travel what with the great sites, accommodating people, and delicious food, your long weekend would be filled!

Day Trips for Long Weekend

In Valencia, there will never bound to be a boring moment.

During the day, tourists like yourself can head on out to the many unique, beautiful, and fun places that Valencia has to offer.

You can go to Oceanographic, Europe’s largest sea world center, and take pictures with the many sea creatures living there; there might be some that you haven’t seen before, so this trip could be fun as well as educational. Or,  you might also be interested in visiting old churches and chapels with their beautiful architectural faces,  a fitting tribute to the intricate Spanish architects that have made these standing buildings. The Valencia Cathedral is one church that you may want to check out; they allow people to climb up to the bell tower and see Valencia in all its glory. You may also want to go to the Valencia City of Arts and Sciences, which showcases some of the most intricate, dramatic, and spectacular examples of modern architecture.

Night Trips for Long Weekend

Valencia night life is very active. There is a certain district in the city, which specifically caters to night clubs and bars. These are active because the Valencianos sure love to party and know how to have fun. For sure, tourists would love to mingle with the fun-loving Valencianos in clubs and bars. For students who are burned out with school work and are looking for a marvelous time, then don’t worry! Valencia has got you covered! There is also a night district specifically for students! These bars and night clubs, though they come with a certain curfew, doesn’t scrimp out on the fun and excitement! And for sure, the prices are good enough for students to afford.

Markets, Sales, Clothes

If you are one who always loves a good bargain, then the Valencia market is one of your best options. Valencia is big on the market scene. They have many street vendors and small boutique and souvenir shops for the many tourists that frequent the city. They also have many shops filled with designer clothing that suits all ages and genders.