There are a lot of things to enjoy and experience in Valencia, Spain. Whether you’re only spending a weekend or just holidays, there is something to discover in this magnificent city, especially when you have your own ride.

If you are in a tight budget and a car rental would prove to be impractical for a short stay in the city, then you might consider renting a scooter instead.

Especially great when you are strolling around on a sunny morning, scooters have both the advantage of speed and comfort. Because it is motorized, scooters can take you faster anywhere you want to be in the city. And since they are smaller, they have the capacity to squeeze into small streets and roads with heavy traffic. Add to that, you’ll be able to feel the wind blowing your hair and the sun on your face on a scooter. – Giving you a more genuine feel of the city.

Tourists like you can have several options to enjoy a Valencia scooter experience. When you are not too familiar of the city, you can opt for a guided tour, however, if you already have a little know-how of getting around Valencia, then go for an unguided one.

A number of companies in Valencia offer scooter rental services. The following are just some of them:

Cooltra Motos Valencia
Address: Calle Ribalta, 6 Valencia / Phone: +34 963 39 47 51 / Web:

Green Scooter Valencia
Address: Gran Vía de Ramón y Cajal, 61 Valencia / Phone: +34 961 33 50 55 /

Wottan Motor (Especialistas en Scooters, Motos y Bicis Eléctricas)
Address: Av Cardenal Benlloch, 20 Valencia / Phone: +34 963 39 47 51 /

Moto Rent
Address: C/ Juan José Sister, nº10 Bajo 46024 Valencia / Phone: 960 050 869 / Email: / Web: