When to travel to Valencia ?

As third of Spain’s largest and among its populous cities, Valencia promises its tourists an experience that would never be forgotten. From broad daylight ‘til dawn, there is something that the city has to offer. And for visitors to make the most of their Travel to Valencia, what better way to discover the city than getting familiar with its modes of transportation.

Public Transport

The heart of the city can be explored on foot, however, beyond that is a different thing. Here are then some options you can take:

Bus. Because of its great network of buses, many tourists and people of Valencia prefer this public transport to get around the city. Tickets start from 1.20€, but if you want to take several trips, travel cards are available that gets cheaper when you buy more. Each stop of the bus has diagrams that conveniently show the routes from that particular location. – A great help for those who are not familiar of the place.

Metro. Taking Valencia’s Metro Network is best for long travels. It is not advisable for short-distance tours as the metro does not cater the central city. The best place to go when taking this public transport is Valencia’s beaches and some top Valencia attractions.


If public transports aren’t your cup of tea, then you might consider taking a taxi. With drivers that are honest and courteous enough to give you good service, you’ll find the extra Euros you pay (15-18€ from the airport to the center of the city, and not less than 10€ within city limits) worth it.


Valencia bike rentals has been one of the most popular options of tourists to explore the city. Not only does it allow you to be flexible with your time and pace but it also gives you the opportunity to enjoy and marvel on Valencia’s beauty. There are several bicycle rental shops in the city, so looking for one would not be a problem to you.

Car Rental

If your idea of discovering Valencia is through a relaxed, comfortable, and luxurious vehicle, then you go for a car rental. Giving you more freedom with your itinerary (as compared to taking the train or the bus), renting a car will also give you the chance to enjoy the diverse surroundings of the city.

There are a lot of things to see and experience in Valencia. The modes of transportation above would be a big help for you to enjoy your stay better.