In the vast country of Spain, Valencia is adorned to be the third largest city. It is one of the autonomous communities of Spain, being part of the Comunidad Valenciana which consists of three provinces namely: Valencia, Alicante and Castellón. It is a port city located in the east of Spain about three miles from the Turia River and is flowing directly to the Meditarranean Sea. Bountiful with natural resources, striking architecture; man-made and natural beauty all mixed up in one beautiful city, Valencia.

The Geography of Valencia

Valencia is comprised both of natural landscapes and man-made architecture. Mostly, Valencia is composed of mountainous peaks, fertile valleys, terrains and marshlands. With the Mediterranean climate; palm trees, flowers and fauna in contrast with the fountains, buildings and cobbled streets give Valencia a remarkable sense of beauty.

If you want a sense of adventure, the highest peak is found here. The Calderón (1,839 m.) is located in a Valencian exclave at Rincón de Ademuz. In this area, you can also find three more peaks, breathtaking sceneries and a lot of fresh air.

Magnificent Spots in Valencia

If you want to travel to Valencia but still want to be near nature, the place to go is the Jardins de Turia. It is once the riverbed of the Turia River, this nature park takes you to a long and majestic walk through the length of the city. You can pass along flowers, trees and fountains; you won’t be alone in your walk though, with all the joggers and bikers on the paths, there are even tennis courts along the way. This is one of the longest parks in Valencia, you can take your pick at either walking or riding a park train, carriage or bike.

There are café’s along the way so you don’t need to worry about food and refreshments. Then there’s the Gulliver Park, especially for the children. It has the figure of Gulliver lying on the ground where the kids love to play, climb and crawl around to.

There are a number of other parks in within the metro but the Jardins del Reial or the Loyal Gardens, is one of the loveliest. It was once the spot of the Royal Palace, now replaced by the garden. It is a popular spot for both the locals and tourists to chill out. It is also called the Jardines de Viveros by the locals.

More Outstanding Locations is Valencia

If you want a more modern perspective of Madrid, then you shouldn’t miss out on the Ciudad de les Arts i les Ciències (City of Arts & Sciences). This is the other face of Valencia, a break from the traditional views and architecture. This ultramodern facility not just presents a great view but also offers great amenities. This is one of the top attractions and serves as a highlight for the tourists visiting the city.

Spending a weekend in Valencia will give you better understanding and discovery of the city’s geography.