Valencia is one of tourists’ favorite places to visit. And who can blame them? Valencia is a picturesque city, full of sites and sounds that will enthrall any tourist. There are always fun things to do, interesting places to visit, and wonderful people to meet. Whether be it a get-away vacation, a business trip, or a romantic get-away, Valencia is indeed a must-see for all fun-loving tourists out there!

Population and People of Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain. The peopleare approximately 810, 000. The city is joined together into the Costa del Azahar, a popular industrial area. Valencia’s main festival, Falles, is world-renowned and is one of the most attended festivals in Spain, with thousands upon thousands of tourists visiting every year. The traditional dish, paella, originated in Valencia, also making it a delight to all food lovers out there.


There are two official languages spoken in the city: Spanish and Valencian. Learn Spanish as the language is a predominant language in the city because of some political and demographic pressures in the past century, although Valencian is the more dominant language in the surrounding metropolitan area and in the province of Valencia itself. In fact, the city government encourages the local language by naming streets in Valencian and posting announcements and posters in Valencian also.

Top Valencia Attractions

The lovely city of Valencia is wonderful to explore, and with all the top attractions, tourists would not have a dull moment. The city has a very exciting town center, which is just buzzing places and things for tourists to explore. The Valencia Aquarium is also a must-see, and is in fact, the largest in Europe, a veritable showcase of colorful marine life. There is also the lovely Turia Gardens, a beautiful stretch of green, which separates the Old Quarter of Valencia from the new city . And of course, there’s also the awesome white, sandy beaches situated in the outskirts of the city. Spain is very popular for its magical beaches, and in this city, tourists are lucky to get some of the most fantastic restaurants around the beaches and resorts.

Of course, nightlife is also very vibrant and active in the city. Agua de Valencia is the city’s unofficial cocktail. Today, there are more bohemian bars and nightclubs in the district of Carmen. Balsco, Ibáñez and Benimaclet are the districts to go for student nightlife. The mainstream weekend nightlife are clustered in the areas of Cánovas and Joan Llorens. And for those people who would not want to stray away from the beaches, there is also a fun nightlife at the Port.