A local resident of Valencia is commonly called a Valenciano. Moreover there are two things which would best describe the Valencianos, it’s their vigor and carefree outlook in life. They are lively people as evidenced by their lifestyle. You will find the people of Valencia just simply accommodating and interesting.

Valencianos have an active lifestyle the whole day and even throughout the night. Their energy is always at high, 24/7! They just love spending their time having fun and going out. If you go to Valencia, you will always have an entertaining time and around every corner is an adventure.


Valencia nightlife is vivacious. Being a big, populous urban city, it is just natural for the Valencianos to live an urban lifestyle as with the rest of Urban Europe. Leading mainstream weekend nightlife, Valencianos just love their Agua de Valencia, their unofficial cocktail and dancing. Whether on the beach or inside bars, it’s all fun, fun, fun.

For a more relaxing atmosphere, a place to chat with friends or meet up with other friendly locals, there are diverse bars and restaurants that would suit your taste.

Fashion and Shopping

You can’t go out in Valencia without dressing up because for Valencianos, fashion is your own personal statement. Being the hometown of famous Spanish designers, it’s ordinary to see boutiques and designer shops around the city. If you want to find a good bargain which is easy on the budget, shopping malls are the way to go. They are huge and assorted and offer you a lot of selections and answers to your needs.

There are defined areas all over Valencia; even local residential sites have their own stores with cheaper prices. You can shop for souvenir items, even fashion and jewelry. For wacky shopping, you can hunt for peculiar items go to Mercado Central. If you want a classier high street shopping spree, remember these streets:  Calle Jorge Juan by Mercado Colon, Calle Colon, Calle don Juan Austria and the shops in between them are just a shopping haven for the chic and classy individuals.


Being the third largest city of Spain, the city of Valencia is as densely populated. There are interracial mixes all throughout the city. Valencia is exposed to multicultural divergence. Tourists and local residents actually get along together just fine. Some even found an abode and made the city their second home. The Valencianos have welcomed people from various places dating back from history; they are very hospitable and warm people. It is common to see a group of mixed nationalities with the locals, it just shows how open Valencianos are.