Top Attractions

When you say sight-seeing in Valencia, it means be ready for a marvelous and enlightening tour around the third largest city of Spain. You shouldn’t leave the city without witnessing yourself, a view of the greatest sites Valencia can offer.

The City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de las Artes y)

You may have seen the past, great architectures from the renaissance, baroque classics and gothic revivals but now is the time to dwell in the future. Be mesmerized by the great modern edifices of Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias. It is a vast and revolutionary educational complex designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrva as a tribute for his home city. It is basically a city within Valencia itself- it raptures you to a new 22nd age of architecture which you can boast about. It is composed of five different elements: The Concert / Opera Hall (Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia ), The Marine Park  (L’Oceanografic), The IMAX Cinema (L’Hemisferic), The Museum of Science (Museo de Ciences Principe Felipe) and The Greenhouse (L’Umbracle), all of them hold a distinct and futuristic feel to it. Experience the rush of excitement as if you are being spirited away to another time and dimension.

The City Hall (Plaza de Ayuntamento)

Being in the centrepoint of Valencia, it is nearly impossible to miss the site of the the Plaze de Ayuntamento. It is the Time Square of Valencia, the most impressive of all Valencian squares. Be stunned as lines of old and new architecture, incredible buildings and attractions meet your eyes. The Ayuntamento itself is a masterpiece of architecture, the imperious structure of the square. It is both a mix of classic, traditional Spanish and Valencian elements but with a modern touch. You also get to see the central clock tower; the focal point to where the most important and special events are held.

Plaza de la Virgen

A contrast to the great City of Arts and Sciences, the Plaza de la Virgin poses as the definitive sense of the past centuries of Valencia. It is the preceding main square before the Plaza de Ayuntamento came about. Until now, the plaza is still an active place for the locals and still an important tourist attraction. The enticing charisma of the plaza is the perfect location for afternoon tea or even just for chilling out. It is also hosts Valencias three important buildings, here you can explore the Plaza de la Virgin, the Basilica and Palau de Genralitat.

The Cathedral (La Catedral de Valencia)

The Cathedral is the religious centre of Valencia, located in Plaza de la Reina is the refuge of the Holy Grail. It is a spectacular display of hybrid styles of architecture. It is composed of three portals: The classic Baroque front to the West side all have a diverse feel to it, the sinister Gothic Portal of the Apostles on Plaza de la Reina and the pleasant narrow street passageways toward the East side. Here you can find the remarkable El Micalet, the octagonal bell tower, the landmark of Valencia. Once on top, you can take pleasure in the sight of Valencia’s old town. Take time to visit the interior, apart from the inner design, you get to see religious works of art and interesting craftsmanship. The phantasmal works of Goya are displayed along with the mummified hand of San Vicente Martyr (the patron Saint of Valencia) and of course, the Holy Grail itself!