When to Visit Valencia ?

Valencia is a great city filled with wonderful architecture, cool beaches, an all out tourist attraction and unlimited activity from dusk till dawn. You’ll always have an enjoyable time, never a dull moment when you get to visit one of the liveliest city of Spain.

Going to Valencia on a Budget

If you want to keep your expenses on the low but still spend a fantastic time in Valencia, go when there’s an off peak season; or simply spend a weekend. Usually, in November to February when the winter’s coming in, also there’s some rain and the temperature drops. Hotel and flight accommodations are at a lower rate. But it wouldn’t dampen the spirits of tourists for the city is still active round the clock and never wavers even on cold seasons.

If you don’t want to get jumbled with the hordes of other tourists flying in, then mark down April and October. With the heat of summer, Valencianos opt going out of town or spend their time on beaches and resorts. Given these are the months where it’s early summer and most tourists’ just chill out and late autumn where it’s also a popular month.  These are the months where airlines and hotels offer discounts and are cheaper. However, all year round Valencia is still a booming display of history and various breathtaking sceneries; you will know this when you sign yourself up in one of the Valencia tours.

Attend the Valencia Festivals

Experience one of a kind fiesta courtesy of Valencia, with its colorful and rich culture,  festivals will surely give you a good time.

One of the most fiery and extravagant fiesta of Valencia that you should experience yourself is the Las Fallas festival. It’s the grandest and most magnificent street festival in Valencia, held on the night of March 15. The city goes ablaze with noise, bonfires and fireworks during this time of month; the best fallas festival in all of Spain is seen here. There is also music and bullfights for added entertainment, but overall, no one does the fallas better than the Valencianos.

During every last Wednesday of August the people of Buñol go on a bizarre tomato hurling ramble. This is one sight you shouldn’t miss, the La Tomatina festival also known as the world’s largest vegetable fight; the people get pelted with truckloads of tomato but still manage to laugh in the end no matter how funny they look.

Almost every month, the Valencianos celebrate a fiesta. Their festivities are all colorful and spectacular in nature, each with its own theme. Like the Filmoteca de Verano or the Festival of Films held on the Turia Garden where there’s a celebration of films and prices are cut almost in half, where else can you find a festival like this? Aside from the festivals there are also special events such as classical and rock concerts, bullfights, theatrical events and firework displays usually held during the weeks of fiestas so there’s always something to do and make you busy during your stay in Valencia.